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Personal, Social, and Transpersonal Planets

The grouping of the planets into these three categories correspond with how easily or not we respond to their energies and at what level.

We respond to the energies we encounter in differing ways. Some of these energies operate on a PERSONAL level, some on a SOCIAL level, and others on a level beyond human life...the TRANSPERSONAL level.   And then...then there is the issue of reincarnation.

The Personal Planets

Astrologically, the Personal planets include The SUN, The MOON, MERCURY, VENUS, and MARS.

These are the bodies whose orbits are closest to that of the Earth, and therefore closest to our physical being.

Symbolically, the personal planets refer to energies that we relate to on a personal, subjective level: knowing
who you are, how you feel, what you think about, your need for love and affection, and how you handle anger and aggression.

The current placements of these planets have a direct effect on your mood, your level of confidence,  and your sense of self-esteem.

Infant Sleeping

The Social Planets

Social Expansion - People On the Beach

JUPITER and SATURN are the Social planets, standing between what is purely personal and what is other-worldly. 

They represent two opposing instincts that we must learn to integrate in order for our personal self to function well as a member of the larger society.  Jupiter, the urge to expand, must be tempered by Saturn, the urge to withdraw.

Social Withdrawal - Alone On the Beach

It is our job in this lifetime to figure out when to stop taking on more and when to give more.  These are enormous issues that are not easily dealt with.  In order to stop taking on more, we must be able to say 'NO'.  In order to stop pulling away, we must be able to say 'YES'.  For most of us, it takes a lifetime to get a grasp of how to do that.  Some of us never get it.

The Transpersonal Planets

The planets beyond Saturn, the outer planets URANUS, NEPTUNE, and PLUTO are the Transpersonal planets.  These planets lie beyond Saturn, which is the last planet that can be seen with the naked eye.  They move so slowly that their effects are imprinted upon whole generations.  They are the background music that plays to the members of each generation.

On an individual level, the Transpersonal planets relate to our spiritual consciousness and evolution. 

They are called "higher octaves" of the personal planets, meaning that

Monks Reflecting on Water

in order to comprehend their lessons, we must go beyond ourselves.  We must try to imagine being the entire universe.  We must fly through space without leaving the ground. 

CHIRON is considered by some astrologers to be a transpersonal planet as well.  Chiron's travels around the Sun take it between Jupiter and Saturn for a time and then between Saturn and Uranus.  It represents the suffering that must be endured and healed in order to gain the wisdom of the cosmos.

The Issue of Reincarnation

To some, the idea of reincarnation is ridiculous.  To me, it's the only thing that makes any sense.  Why go through all these trials and tribulations if it's all for nothing?  It makes much more sense to think that we learn from our lessons and become better souls the next time around.  And if we don't, we get to do the lessons over again...and again...until we get it right!

Passing From One State

It is, obviously, a belief system.  It can't be proven any more than God can be proven.  But it is the next logical step to comprehending the lessons of the Transpersonal planets.  It's a reason to care about what we do in this lifetime.

One State to Another