Gloria Scigliano - enjoying a sunny afternoon in Woodenville, 2007

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May all of your days be
"Stellar" Days!

Astrology and Me

My interest in astrology began in the early 1970s.  In those days, there were no computer programs to calculate charts, no internet to look things up on, and no books about astrology in "main stream" book stores.  Those were only available in special "metaphysical" book stores.  One of my favorites was a place on Sutter street in San Francisco.  The building was old and you had to go through a side door and climb some rickety stairs up to the second floor to get to it.  But it was wonderful once you got in there. 

I had learned the basics and done my chart, but of course, I needed to know more.  About that time, I went through a rather traumatic period where I nearly lost my job.   This book store would periodically have a "five-minute reading" session for $5.  You could choose either the astrologer or the tarot reader.  So, of course, I went to see the astrologer. 

When she looked at my chart, the first words out of her mouth were: "Did you just lose your job?"  I was stunned....and most definitely became a full-on believer.  She also told me that I would marry a Jupiter kind of man in about eight years.  She was right about that too.  I married my Sagittarius husband just about eight years later.

Downtown San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco


A long-time Bay Area software developer and consultant, I now make my home in Sitka, Alaska.  Here, I have an independent business as a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.  I work with local small businesses that need help setting up their accounting software and procedures. 

But ever since my interest in astrology first began, I could see that there was so much that could be automated.  There were so many laborious steps involved!  I just knew I could come up with a better way.  Over the years, I spent untold hours designing astrology systems in my head and on paper.  But since I was busy working, raising a family, and going to college, others have stepped in to do that. 

With the advent of the internet, however, I have finally found a venue for my grand schemes.  And now, I have ample time to think about my stars.

Pacifica Beach
Pacifica Beach

Writing for  "The Paper"

In the summer of 1999, I began writing an astrology column for the bi-monthly news brief known as "The Paper", produced and distributed in Pacifica, California in 1999.  

The column and this site came about as the result of a wonderful opportunity made available to me by my daughter, Kelly, and her friends.   The objective of these words is to expand the awareness of the natural rhythms that surround us and of our responses to them through the study of astrology.

Beneficial Yoga

Sensive Astrology

Today, my interest in astrology remains as compelling to me as it was in the 70s.  I have found over the years that if I really pay attention, I can actually feel a difference in the energy that surrounds me as the planets move from one sign to another, change direction, or come into aspect with one of my natal points. 

One incident in particular brought this to my attention:  transiting Uranus in Capricorn squaring natal Neptune in Libra.  I felt like I was plugged into a light socket the entire four weeks that Uranus was approaching within 1 degree of my Neptune.  Then, as soon as the aspect became exact, the feeling disappeared. It was a time of major enlightenment for me which led to the conclusion that this is the manner in which we are all affected by the various planetary movements.

I like to think of this process as "sensive astrology" -- combining awareness of your body's reactions to the vibratory forces of the universe with astrological interpretations.  There are many tools out there to help us with this process...including yoga, meditation, and tai chi to mention only a few.

Many people are unaware that feeling an emotion is preceded by a physical reaction in the body.  Paying attention to these reactions can help us handle our emotions better.  Handling our emotions better can help us handle our whole lives better.


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