Sign Characteristics
Sign Characteristics
Ambience in the Room
The Signs
The Signs

The Signs - Ambiance in the Room

The Signs of the Zodiac have been with us since ancient times.   Originally based on the rising and setting of the constellations in the night sky, the ancient Babylonian priests found that they needed a better system.  Charged with the responsibility of determining the will of the gods, they devoted themselves to perfecting a system of interpretation.  Around 550 BC, they introduced the concept of dividing the zodiac into twelve equal segments that only roughly aligned with the constellations.  We still use this method today.

If we continue the analogy of planets as the people who visit you, the signs of astrology provide the ambiance of the setting in which you meet.  Each sign has its own unique atmosphere.  Enhancing that atmosphere is a function of the Element and the Quality associated with each sign.

The personality of a planet is helped or hindered by the atmosphere of the sign it is in.   It must express itself through the veil of the sign.

This table summarizes my observations of the nature of each sign. 

GlyphSignKey PhraseHow It FeelsElementQuality
AriesI AmLet's get this show on the roadFireCardinal
TaurusI HaveNooo....I don't want toEarthFixed
GeminiI ThinkWords, words, wordsAirMutable
CancerI FeelWhen I was a kid.... sob!WaterCardinal
LeoI WillMy way or the highwayFireFixed
VirgoI AnalyzePerfect!EarthMutable
LibraI BalanceOn the other hand...AirCardinal
ScorpioI DesireI want it NOW! sulk, sulk...WaterFixed
SagittariusI TeachLook Ma, no hands!
Don't fence me in!
CapricornI UseI can manage.......millionsEarthCardinal
AquariusI KnowBox? What Box? I'm Outside the BoxAirFixed
PiscesI BelieveI see, said the blind manWaterMutable