House Characteristics
House Characteristics
What's the Subject
The Houses
The Houses
1st  - The Body
2nd - Money & Values
3rd - Communication
4th - Home & Hearth
5th - Love & Romance
6th - Service & Health
7th - Partners
8th - Sex & Death
9th - Higher Learning
10th - Social Position
11th - Friends & Dreams
12th - Sorrows & Secrets

The Ninth House - Higher Learning

The Ninth House Wheel


Higher Education, Philosphy, Religion, Law, Foreign Travel, Mastery, Mentoring



What It Means

In the world of travel, this house is the long distance runner.  Here is where we travel far from our familiar surroundings in order to experience more of the world. 

While the third house deals with honing our skills, the ninth house reaches even higher, to the level of mastery. When we reach the ninth house, we are ready to expand beyond what we are already know. Here we are going to college or medical school or law school.  Or seeing the world to experience foreign cultures.  We are expanding way beyond basic reading, writing, and arithmatic. 


As our skills grow, we begin to understand ourselves on a more philosophical level.  We connect to our maker through our religious beliefs.  We meditate and learn about Zen.  We go beyond our immediate zone.  And then, when we have seen and learned enough, we can begin to teach others.