House Characteristics
House Characteristics
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The Houses
The Houses
1st  - The Body
2nd - Money & Values
3rd - Communication
4th - Home & Hearth
5th - Love & Romance
6th - Service & Health
7th - Partners
8th - Sex & Death
9th - Higher Learning
10th - Social Position
11th - Friends & Dreams
12th - Sorrows & Secrets

The Fifth House - Love and Romance

The Fifth House Wheel


Romance, Love Affairs, Children, Creativity, Sports, Games



What It Means

The fifth house is a house of fun and enjoyment.  It's here that we want to go out and play, to be artistic and creative, and to fall in love.  

Tradition says it's the house of children, and so it is. But to me it is also the essence of being a child...that freedom from care and worry about how to survive.   At least, that's the ideal of how childhood should be.  Unfortunately, not all children get to experience a childhood like that.  And your own children may not always be a joy to be around.  But the essence of childhood is the innocense and vulnerability of the young.


The whole idea of having fun is something that we, as adults, often put on the shelf as we take on the world of responsibility involved with living our life.  But what is life without fun?  Why bother?  One of the ways we can bring fun into our lives is through sports, whether actually playing the games or just watching them on television.  They give us a much needed respite from the world of work and drudgery.  The fifth house is where we find them.  It is associated with sports of all kinds.

For most of us, there is also a great deal of joy involved with falling in love.  What other source of such ecstacy is there?  As The song goes, this is where you "walk down the street on a chance that you'll meet, and you meet, not really by chance".   The euphoria of being in love is heaven on earth.  Some day, six months from now, reality will set in.  But not now.  And if you're really lucky, love will grow and stick to the ground when your feet finally come back to earth.


The creativity in all of us grows in the fifth house.  When we have joy in our lives, we respond by wanting to share it.  And when we do, great beauty and love come into our lives.