House Characteristics
House Characteristics
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The Houses
1st  - The Body
2nd - Money & Values
3rd - Communication
4th - Home & Hearth
5th - Love & Romance
6th - Service & Health
7th - Partners
8th - Sex & Death
9th - Higher Learning
10th - Social Position
11th - Friends & Dreams
12th - Sorrows & Secrets

The Twelfth House - Sorrows and Secrets

The Twelfth House Wheel


Secrets, Sorrows, Suffering, Isolation, Confinement, Karma, Metaphysics



What It Means

And finally, the twelfth house is where we go to recover, to restore ourselves when we have been wounded.  There is sorrow and sadness here. 

The concerns of the twelfth house are very personal and private...hidden from view, as it were. These are difficult things to share, and so we don't.  They may be things you feel ashamed of or emotional scars you bring into this life from previous lives.   If you are feeling these things, therapy can help.   Whatever planets you have in this house can shed some light on where these feelig are coming from, what lessons you might need to learn, and what forgivenesses you might need to grant.  Having two planets here, I can certainly attest to the idea of havings some lessons to learn!


Another sensation associated with this house is that of being alone, not part of the group, even when you are in a group.  From my earliest memories as a child, I have always had this feeling.  I wasn't particularly bothered by it, but I always knew it.  And now, I can see that it has taught me resilience.  I can go on, no matter what.

The twelfth house is also a very psychic house.  It's here that you can "see" the other side.  You can feel the pain of those around you.  And you can transcend the concerns of the material world and give selflessly to those in need.